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Start Drinking Pure, Fresh Water Without The Germs!

The UVBrite Go Bottle, You Will Always Have Safe Water At The Touch Of A

How It Works

The UVBrite bottles use UV-C LED light to effectively kill most pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa from any source of clear water.

By emitting deep UV-C light for 180 seconds, the UVBrite bottle eliminates up to 99.99% of harmful germs in your water, keeping your water fresh and your bottle clean – something traditional filters simply can’t do.

In a nutshell, UVBrite gives you peace of mind at the press of a button!

From The Experts

UV-C radiation actually destroys the genetic structure
of microorganisms and inhibits its ability to reproduce and ultimately causing
its death. UV radiation ranges from 200 nm to 400 nm. The radiation from 200 nm
– 285 nm is called as UV-C radiation and it is germicidal.

K.M. Johnson et al.

Ultraviolet Radiation and its Germicidal
Effect in Drinking Water Purification

(ISSN: 2075-6240)

The Only Water Bottle That Eliminates Stink

Bottles that are not cleaned frequently become cesspools for bacteria, mold, and other microbes. Sometimes, a dirty bottle can have more bacteria than your toothbrush, or a dog’s water bowl!

UVBrite bottle’s deep UV-C LED technology not only purifies water by reducing bacteria by up to 99.99% in a single cycle, but it also prevents the bottle from getting stinky with mold buildup.

Not only will your water be safe to drink, but it will be fresh too!

Be Sure Your Water Is Safe With The UVBrite Bottles

Power To Last

With its UL-1642 approved lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 60-cycles from a single charge, you never have to worry about being out of charge when on the go. A single charge can purify almost 8.5 gallons of water!

One UVBrite Saves 220,000 Plastic Bottles

A single UVBrite bottle can purify over 29,000 gallons of water in its lifetime. This reduces over 6.3 tons of plastic from entering landfills or our oceans from disposable water bottles.

Hot or Cold? UVBrite Has You Covered

With insulated double-walled 304 stainless-steel, the UVBrite bottle will keep your water at the optimum temperature.

Over 200,000 Bottles Sold

Amanda Feldman

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Amazing Water Bottle!

I am an avid water drinker but I end up using plastic water bottles because I typically do not enjoy the taste of water within reusable bottles and they usually require a lot of effort to clean. I am very environmentally conscious and this is a PERFECT way for me to drink tons of water yet not have to go through the effort of cleaning a water bottle or using plastic. I highly recommend this product!

Jet H.‎

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Just What I Was Looking For!

I love my water bottle! I have bought so many different bottles over the years and this one is the best. Drinking water from this bottle gives me peace of mind knowing it's completely sanitized and yet doesn't change the taste or smell. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Chris C.‎

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Best Bottle I Own!

Extremely easy to use cleaning function which gives total peace of mind when i refill the bottle at public places, gyms etc. Weighs almost the same as my other bottle so its also easy to carry around. Perfect for everyday use!


Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
I’ve had my UVBrite Water Bottle for 2 weeks and I’m in love!

The purification process is completely silent and I really love the sleek simple design. I tested it this week by leaving water in it Monday - Wednesday and letting it clean itself this morning - it had no smell or metallic taste like every other water bottle I’ve ever used! This water bottle is a GAME CHANGER and I will be purchasing one for each member in my family. Well done UVB!!!!!

Amanda F.‎

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Amazing Water Bottle!

I am an avid water drinker but I end up using plastic water bottles because I typically do not enjoy the taste of water within reusable bottles and they usually require a lot of effort to clean. I am very environmentally conscious and this is a PERFECT way for me to drink tons of water yet not have to go through the effort of cleaning a water bottle or using plastic. I highly recommend this product!


Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Great for travel

My husband and I like to make short trips often and I
was in search of a water bottle for the times I run out of bottled water and
have to use tap water. This bottle was great On my most recent trip to the
Bahamas I drank tap water and used the UVBrite to sanitize it and I had no
issues at all…one of the people in our group drank tap water and did not have a
UVBrite bottle and she was so sick - I am so happy I got this bottle! One
charge lasts well over a week, if you are thinking of getting a UV sanitation
bottle - this is a great little bottle.


Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Great water purifier

Just finished a 3 week trek in Nepal, used this every
day, 4-6 bottles treated. Never sick from water!

Joyce Bashner

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Drink with confidence

I have NTM lung disease and this gives me confidence
that micro bacteria are not present in my drinking water.


Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Excellent design and reasonable price

I bought this bottle for disinfecting water and self
clean the bottle after long use. Bought it mainly for office use.


- Good feel because of anodizing on outer
surface. Gives good grip

- Reasonable cost for bottle with for UV

- Thermal isolation

- 2 modes of UV disinfection regular and
power mode. Easy to operate the modes.

- UVC is the right wavelength for
disinfection. Most bottle don't use the correct wavelength of UV light.


- small usb cable

AP Indiana

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Tried these for a trip to Mexico

Purchased two of these for a vacation to Mexico. Used
them in the airport with bottle fillers and at the resort we stayed at. No
issues with them and more cost effective than other options to purchase.


Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Works wonders

I purchased after drinking the water in two different
states during my travels and getting ill. I love the fact that I can fill it up
at the airport after clearing security (of course) and have clean water after
just a couple minutes. And, it’s SO EASY to use!

Ash Fanatic

Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Doesn’t stink

I bought this after watching shark tank. Saw
the original maker of this technology and was curious on if it worked. I didn’t
feel like spending $100 on a blue light bottle and figured these spin offs
probably do about the same. Being tired of water bottles smelling and constant
cleaning I figured we would give this a try. We have used it for almost a month
and haven’t washed it to test. Still smells good so either this thing works or
my mouth is super fresh. The light also gives a piece of mind living on well
water. Very easy to use and the USB C connector is great. Glad to see these
companies adopting recent tech.


Overall I would recommend. We still suggest
routine cleaning, but we put it to the test. So far very pleased. Also not to
mention it’s insulated so no sweating and stays hot or cold.


Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
The perfect bottle!

There isn't anything that I'm not happy about with this
bottle! I have told my friends and family about it. It fits comfortably in my
hand while walking to work. I enjoy the tap water being clean tasting. It keeps
it cold, I can add ice cubes to the water before bed and they are still the
morning. And it looks great!

UVBrite Is Simple to Use

Simply Press The Button To Enjoy Pure, Safe Water In Seconds


Fill The Bottle


Press The Button


Enjoy Pure Water


The Best Water Bottle Ever Made. Period.

The Perfect Size - Holds 18.6oz (550ml) of water and easily fits into most cup holders.

Fast-Acting - Purifies most water in just 180 seconds.

One-Time Purchase - No need for batteries or filters.

304 Stainless Steel - BPA-free FDA-approved high-quality materials

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try UVBrite risk-free and if you don’t love it, we’ll fix it.


If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your UVBrite, you can easily return it, hassle-free!


UVBrite is designed and based in America.


We also provide fast shipping to over 30 countries. Free shipping on qualifying offers only.


We control every step of the process to ensure a safe and high-quality product.


They're real humans, they're quick, and they actually like talking to you.


Our mission is to help millions of people enjoy pure drinking water while avoiding plastic waste.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Have a Question?

See Our FAQs

UV-C purification technology works by
destroying the DNA and RNA of microbes which renders them completely inactive.

Detailed: UV-C disinfection works by
damaging the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) of microbes. When DNA and RNA absorb UV-C light, damage results from the formation of dimers (covalent bonds between the same nucleic acids). Dimers cause faults in the transcription of information from DNA to RNA, which in turn results in disruption of microorganism replication. A microorganism that cannot replicate
cannot infect a host, thus leaving making the water safe to drink.


Looking directly at UV-C light can cause damage to your eyes. It is because of this we have put in a safety lock that automatically turns off the purification system when the lid is opened during operation.

However, we have also designed the system in a way that will prevent the LEDs from lighting up in a pattern that reflects normal operation if there is an issue with the UV-C LED. So, rest assured, if you drink water after the bottle shows a complete cycle having been completed, then your water is safe to drink!


UVBrite bottles are produced in an EPA registered factory and have been extensively tested extensively to comply with all applicable standards. Our bottles have been tested against the following organisms and found to kill up to 99.99% of microbes:

– Escherichia coli

– Staphylococcus aureus

– Escherichia virus MS2

– Influenza A H3N2

– Human Adenovirus 5


Definitely not! We use UV-C LED technology in all our products, which is safe, power efficient and can last significantly longer than traditional mercury lamps.


The LEDs that we use in our products have been rated to last at least 10,000 hours. This means that if running a standard 180-second cycle, the LED can last up to 200,000 cycles, or purify over 29,00 gallons of water!


Yes, UVBrite bottles are 100% safe to use. Like microwave ovens, the UV-C light only works when the system is switched on. When the system is off, the water is completely safe to drink.


One purification cycle can purify around 18.6 fl. oz. (550 ml) of water.


A single charge can be used for up to 6 purification cycles. This equates to almost 9 gallons of water!


Our bottles can help purify any water that is clear. The UV-C purification system does not work with murky water as the UV-C light cannot penetrate it fully to eliminate microbes. You can use it to purify tap water, water from unknown water fountains, hose water, and even water from streams as long as it is clear.


Most orders ship within 24-hours, and over 99% of all shipments within continental US are delivered within 3-5 days. Orders to other areas can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks.


As much as we know you will love your
UVBrite bottle, if you do change your mind, you have 60-days to return the
product for a refund. Our bottles also come with a 1-year warranty for any
unforeseen issues that might arise.